changing things up a little

fucking hell, it's March, and 2018 has already been a bit of a shit show.

Good and bad however there will be some changes on this blog, 

I will be starting up a few mini series, some will be longer than others, but I'd really like to give them a go, do some different kinds of things on this blog. 

I've decided that although this blog is called "the coffee life" coffee might not always be the thing I end up blogging about, I'd like this to remain an open space and write whatever I want whether it be coffee or some kind of weird thing that reflect who I am. 

Some of the mini series I will be starting on the blog are: 

- Cafe Reviews - I visit a lot of cafe's on my days off, and I would really like to start reviewing some of them (if you know any that are particularly good that you'd like to see reviewed hit me up via email or instagram) 

- Snippets into life - Random days out, little adventures you name it, if I go somewhere interesting, it'll be on here

I have other ideas, but none set in place that will definitely be going ahead. 
If you think of any mini (or long) series you'd like to see on this blog relating to coffee etc, give me a shout and I'll see if I like the sound of it.

although this blog has been all over the place this year (yay for being unstable) i'm getting there, and thank you to everyone who sticks around even though i'm a bit of a shit blogger. 

If you want to help me keep doing what I do, you can donate me a "coffee" here

The Coffee Life
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