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Goals For Being 22 - BEDIM Day 11

You know how I love a good goal post here on The Coffee Life - so here we are with another one. 

Goals For Being 22

- Get into a consistent YouTube schedule
22 is the year I want to properly get into YouTube instead of just dabbling. 

- Continue to journal everyday 
I got into a habit of journalling a lot when I was 21, and this year I want to try and journal everyday 

- Education
I love learning (in a non school setting) and I recently signed up to Barista Hustle - and I am LOVING all of the courses.

- Reading
I want to continue the level of reading I've been able to achieve in 2020, and I hope the motivation for that continues

- Scrapbooking more
(again) - I put scrapbooking to the side for a while, after having to burn one of them (nice and dramatic I know) after making it for someone. But I want to put that behind me, all negative thoughts about scrapbooking has gone, and I want to jump back on to making super cute scrapbooks I can look back on in the future. 

- Reduce my screen time 
Ironically aa blogger, I spena lot of time on social media, anas much as I love it, it doesometimes have a negative effect on my mental health (especially with timeas they are) 

-  Work on personal growth 
I have a lot of learning, ana lot of growing up to do. This year I'm going to work on that quite a bit.

- Continue to do what I love with this blog and The Coffee Life Co. 

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