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Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Ethiopian Nano Challa

Today's Blogmas post is super exciting - if you follow the @pallets_beaulieu page on Instagram, you'll know a few weeks back we tried a coffee that I received from my very good friend Iz, from Caffeine Galore. This coffee was from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Now, spoiler alert, this coffee is delicious. So much so that it deserves it's own blog post. 

This blogpost is also going to feature my face (woah, what!!) I've taken the photos Dom kindly took to use here, so let me know if you like this format of photos or if you don't want to see my face and just want to see the damned coffee.

Here's me pretending I'm cuter than I actually am holding the bag.
The bag itself is a great design, it's a really nice pop of colour and then to have the little "archway" (real technical, it's a good thing I'm not a designer) really gives it a nice touch.

The beans

Nano Challa - Direct Trade
Varietal - Ethiopia Heirloom
Taste - Floral and complex coffee with notes of tart grape, lavender, juicy stone fruit and vanilla.

We brewed this coffee in Pallets through the Clever Dripper - something we've not really delved into here on The Coffee Life (but there's a first for everything!!) 

We looked up some recipes online, and found a consistent pattern with people using 26 grams of coffee.
So we used 26 grams of coffee. 

*insert mean girl "I saw Regina George wearing army pants and flip flops, so I went out and bought army pants and flip flops" meme*

The brew

Clever Dripper
26g of Coffee
350ml of Water
2 Minute 30 Second Immersion Time 
Small Agitation 
4 Minute Total Brew Time 

Both Dom and I were shocked at how true to the taste notes this coffee was. 
The lavender was the part I was unsure I was going to taste, but low and behold. It was there, it was delicious.
The stone fruit came through as a gorgeous acidity with a beautiful full bodied sweet fruity taste. 

Safe to say we enjoyed this coffee A LOT

Photo credit to the fab Dom 
You can find him over at the Pallets Instagram

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Loudmouth Coffee - Myanmar Ywangan

A coffee that I picked up at Bristol Coffee Festival this year was Loudmouth - I hadn't heard of Loudmouth as a company until about 3 days before the festival when I came across their Instagram page, and I was instantly drawn to their hugely beautiful packaging. I knew I had to pick up a bag whilst I was at the festival. 

Just look at this packaging. 
It's beautiful - I picked up the most vibrant one I could, yellow of course.
I just love the pops of colours, the in your face colours. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it. 

The beans 

Myanmar Ywangan
Medium Roast
Tastes Like - Sweet and spicy Myanmar's got us all shaken up, with orange, dates, tamarind, and creamy coconut.

The aromas from this bag are stunning, a very sweet citrus smell. 

 The brew

V60 Brew
18g of Coffee
275ml of Water
3 Minute Total Brew Time
40ml Bloom, 30 Seconds, 5 Second Agitation 

Much like the aroma, I got some serious citrus-y vibes from this brew. Really creamy mouthfeel with some super sweet undertones. 
This is a super delicious coffee, for any time of day. I went through this bag super quickly, which I'm sad about because it's just great.

I cant wait too see what Loudmouth comes out in the future. 

Find Loudmouth 

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