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Dog and Hat Coffee Subscription Box 3

So I know I'm very behind on Subscription Box blog posts, but I am now trying endlessly to catch up in an orderly fashion before November! 

Now, don't kill me - but this box is actually from July, but bear with me because it is still very much worth the blog post.

Box Number 3 
The July Box

The Coffees - 

Sendero Speciality Coffee - Guatemalan 
Climpson and Sons - Sasaba, Ethiopia

This box also included a lil something sweet - a Guppy's Chocolate milk chocolate bar, which was of course demolished in mere seconds.

We'll start with Sendero 

Founded in 2016 by Pira and Hutan, Sendero Speciality Coffee's inspiration is to travel to remote coffee growing regions so that they can work directly with local families and cooperatives in order to source outstanding Arabica coffee beans. Sendero travelled to less well-known coffee producing countries, such as Uganda, Mexico, and Ecuador, with the aim to offer speciality grade coffee beans which are less common in Europe. Sendero provides flexibility in quantities with the increasing artisan roasteries. 
Today, Sendero Speciality Coffee supplies artisan roasters with green beans in 9 European countries.
In 2017, Sendero opened a coffee shop in Clapham, London, using their own sourced beans, roasted by Pharmacie Coffee Roasters, one of the best UK roasters. 

Sendero Speciality Coffee
Guatemalan - filter roast
Producer - Finca La Senda
Region - Acatenango
Varietal - Bourbon, Caturra
Process - Washed, Honey
Notes - Stone Fruit, Bright, Creamy

Just going to take a moment to look at how BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHT the packaging is??? 

V60 Brew

17g of Coffee 
275ml of Water
40ml Bloom for 35 Seconds
3 Minute Total Brew Time

Honey processed coffees have been really popular through 2019, and it's safe to say I've tried quite a few of them - but this, this coffee really stood out. Up there with one of my top coffees I've tried in 2019. 
It's so bright, so fruity - light and syrup-y like tea and just an all around an incredible cup

I also made some cold brew with it, which was ultimately a success 

50g of Coursely Ground Coffee
750ml of Water
12 Hour Steep in the fridge

As cold brew, it was absolutely incredible, so smooth, so bright and syrup-y - I could've chugged the entire bottle, which was hard not too.

Find Sendero Speciality Coffee 
Website - here
Instagram - here 
Facebook - here
Twitter - here

Climpson and Sons

Climpson and Sons was founded in 2002 by Ian Burgess. After a few years spent in Australia, Ian returned to the UK and with a lack of quality coffee available, set to building his own version of the Antipodean coffee culture.
Climpson and Sons were pioneers in evolving London speciality coffee scene. Their ambition is to continue sourcing, roasting and crafting the finest coffees from the heart of East London. Their range of espressos, blends and single origin beans reflect what they do: a boundless exploration into the possibilities of flavours. 
Their approach to sourcing green coffee is equally driven by quality and a commitment to developing sustainable and ethical relationships. They with trusted partners at origin to ensure producers receive fair prices and seek to develop ongoing relationships in buying from many of the same farms each year.

Climpson and Sons
Sasaba - Ethiopia 
Region - Guiju, Oromia State
Altitude - 1800 MASL
Varietal - Mixed Heirloom
Process - Orange Blossom, Lime, Butterscotch

V60 Brew

17g of Coffee 
275ml of Water
40ml Bloom for 35 Seconds
3 Minute Total Brew Time

This coffee came out SUPER citrus-y when I brewed it, it was so smooth, with that underlying citrus acidity peeking through as well as buttery mouth feels. 

I also brewed it via french press (all hail James Hoffman for teaching the world how to make a proper french press) which was also super delicious with more subtle flavours, but still a super delicious cup. 

Find Climpson and Sons
Website - here
Instagram - here
Facebook - here
Twitter - here

Hats off to whoever has still read this post even with it being a few months late (oops, I'm getting better, I promise!!)


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Bristol Coffee Festival 2019

Another month, another coffee festival - (I'm loving that there are so many places having their own coffee festivals now!) 

Bristol Coffee Festival (Coffee House Project) has been on my list since it started last year, so after a little road trip down to Bristol, we arrived at The Passenger shed and greeted by the bustling crowds already inside.

I did the usual thing of taking forever to get my bearings, but headed over to my fav girls, Fi and Casey from Girls Who Grind Coffee who had their delicious Rwandan on batch. 

I then headed over to Hasbean to see another coffee pal, Will, and ended up bumping into Izzy and other friends! 

Hasbean had a really interesting bubble tea (coffee hybrid) which of course had to be tried - it was definitely one of the most interesting caffeinated beverages I've ever tried. 

After a lot of mooching around, so many coffees I lost count and so many hugs from coffee pals (honestly coffee festivals are the only place that actually makes me look popular) we found the colouring wall (petition to have a colouring wall at EVERY coffee festival!!!) 

The next highlight was Manumit - Esther and I had many Instagram conversations about how excited we were to finally meet! (I feel like I was definitely more excited) 

When I say Esther is one of the most smiley, kind hearted and bubbly people I have ever met, I'm not lying. she is just super lovely!!! 
(she also very kindly gave me some coffee so expect to see more of Manumit on the blog soon!)

In between all the madness, we managed to have a little sit down with some delicious toasties (CHEESY GOODNESS!!) 

We went and sat down for one of the talks, Soundness Snapshots - Talking Mental Health in the UK Coffee Industry with Kore directive 

It was a really interesting talk, people sharing their stories, what is happening in the Coffee Industry towards better mental health.
One quote that really stood out to me throughout the chat was from Kore directive - "depression will always be with me. I will always have depression, I have moments of high times, and low times. It's just learning how to be better prepared for the low times" - and that really stood true, and I think that way of thinking is how we should all look towards anything mental health related. 

After drinking way too much coffee, we decided to call it a day.


We took it pretty easy on the Sunday and arrived at the festival around midday, we did the usual rounds, Girls Who Grind Coffee, Hasbean, Manumit, and I finally managed to track down Dhan Tamang, after not managing to track him down on the Saturday (he's a very busy man now) - and had a lovely conversation with him (as always!) 

We also went by the La Marzocco stand, where the guy actually let me use the machine to make a coffee (hello, dreams do come true) 

Although he wasn't impressed when I showed him up with some cheeky latte art shapes.

It's safe to say we took Bristol Coffee Festival pretty chill, and I definitely cant wait for next years! 

-More Photos- 

(not usually this side of the camera at coffee festivals)

I came home with a lovely little haul of coffees, which means lots of upcoming blog posts!